Project Foundations

By perusing Linked output, it could be perceived that this is an 'All-new initiative'.

In some senses, recent evolution is 'mostly new'; foundationally, it is not.

In fact, following set-backs-a-plenty, its 'seeds' were sown in 1972.

Whilst this appears 'The distant past', the need for it was 'conceived' long before.

The evolving process progressed falteringly through the 1970's.

In Cambridge (UK), the 1980's enabled progress to evolve rapidly.

Resultant: The 1990's heralded appalling treacheries 'Far too close to home'.

Extricated by 2003: Another period of sound developments followed.

They amounted to the definitive foundations to the present potentials.

Early in 2006, another gross imposition on my time disrupted all that progress.

As a personal obligation, it decimated every aspect of my interests.

This included both chronic and acute ill-health, but...

By the nature of my highly-specialist Core expertise, and friends and tenacity...

Again, it has become feasible to 'Extricate and move forward'.

Nearing my octogenarian decade, offered is a working Legacy 'phoenix'.

As a life-long dyslexic with less-than 'natural' IT skills, challenges do remain.

However, with trustworthy help and stable foundations, progress abounds.

And, with global uncertainties a-plenty; 'Not a moment too soon'.

They impose that both present and future generations face relentless challenges.

Absent are the all-essential Core-; Definitive-; Absolute-solutions needed.

Present trends thereby dictate that Leadership will fail youth and most futures.

Hence, supported scientifically: The Core-solutions belong in the public domain.

With a little more help, this is aimed for as my Legacy ideal.

Helped, or otherwise, my Commitment is their release to Scale.

Needed are the supporting £-resources to ensure expedient delivery.

With time not on my side and for continuity, Trustee-type provisions also.

For the rest: My tenacity and Core skills will deliver that which is needed.

The accompanying Links connect to, for example, comprehensive Introductions.

Each will lead to Core output over the coming period.